Mi figue mi raisin

by | Jun 12, 2023

It’s my favourite French expression. Half fig, half grape – it means something is neither one thing nor another. Average, so-so, lukewarm. You never, ever want someone to say your writing is mi figue mi raisin. 

Write content that is Fig or Grape. Not somewhere in between the two. 


Know why you’re writing it – even if your reason doesn’t fit with current ideas about what ‘purpose’ should be. Even if you just want to write something nonsensical because we all need more nonsense in our lives. 

Know why you’re writing, and stick with your why in every word.


Work is life, life is work

Last year, I got really caught up in the pressure to create more ‘work/life balance.’  This year, I’m accepting something different about myself: my work is a part of my life, and the two are inextricable. It’s OK that I sometimes work in the evenings after the...

Can you start again?

How many times can you start again?  As many as you like, I think. People talk about it all the time: be good at quitting, be ready to move on, fail fast. Don’t get stuck, because momentum is the only way: if it’s not working now, it never will.  But in...

15 years in my pocket

For the last 15 years I’ve been carrying a book around in my pocket. It’s called Zen Flesh, Zen Bones. I’m not a zen Buddhist, but this book has taught me loads. In one story, someone accidentally makes soup with chopped up snake in it. In another, a teacher answers...