Notes on process

by | Jun 26, 2023

What’s it like to work with me on your blog or newsletter? 

  1. We chat – usually over Zoom, with a cuppa. I ask you lots of questions about your work and what you want to achieve, and you tell me everything you want me to know. 
  2. I go away and do more research, then I send you a proposal
  3. You send me any material we’ve agreed needs to come from you. 
  4. I do more research, and start writing – loading everything into a shared Google Drive sheet for easy access. 

You get excited about publishing engaging content that really feels like you.


Work is life, life is work

Last year, I got really caught up in the pressure to create more ‘work/life balance.’  This year, I’m accepting something different about myself: my work is a part of my life, and the two are inextricable. It’s OK that I sometimes work in the evenings after the...

Can you start again?

How many times can you start again?  As many as you like, I think. People talk about it all the time: be good at quitting, be ready to move on, fail fast. Don’t get stuck, because momentum is the only way: if it’s not working now, it never will.  But in...

15 years in my pocket

For the last 15 years I’ve been carrying a book around in my pocket. It’s called Zen Flesh, Zen Bones. I’m not a zen Buddhist, but this book has taught me loads. In one story, someone accidentally makes soup with chopped up snake in it. In another, a teacher answers...