Cubicle Ninjas

Course content helped Cubicle Ninjas win Meta’s 2021 App of the Year


Cubicle Ninjas


2018 - 2021


Course content for VR apps
Based in Chicago, Cubicle Ninjas is an award-winning digital agency that focuses on virtual reality (VR) and blended reality (XR) projects. It was founded by Josh Farkas, a leader in VR development who’s passionate about the potential of tech to make life better.
“Izzy is a dream to work with! She's a brilliant writer, mixed with the creative and technical chops to bring projects to life at the highest quality. Hopeful to create together again down the line.”
Josh Farkas
Founder and CEO, Cubicle Ninjas

The brief

Create unique course scripts for two new-launch virtual reality (VR) apps – a VR meditation app called Guided Meditation VR, and a VR tai chi app called Guided Tai Chi.

The work

I wrote full scripts for five courses across both apps, each consisting of ten distinct sessions. The challenge was to root each script in deep research into different philosophies and teaching styles, but also make sure they functioned seamlessly within a VR environment. At no point should a word or phrase jolt the user out of the immersive experience.


My work for Cubicle Ninjas has been featured at Oculus press events including Sundance and Tribeca, and at internal Meta events. Guided Meditation VR was named Meta’s App of the Year in 2021, with more than 1,000,000 downloads since launch.

Josh Farkas said:

“People really love your work. We rarely find a mix that delights almost everyone, and [your writing] is that perfect balance.”

In the future
More collaborations coming. Watch this space.