Content for LEAP grew readership by +2,950% in one year




February 2022 - present


Weekly blogs and newsletters
LEAP launched in 2022 as the biggest debut tech event in the world, with over 100,000 visitors. In 2023, the second edition of the event welcomed 172,000 attendees – along with 900 exhibitors, 700 expert speakers from 50 countries, 500 startups, and over 1000 investors.
“Izzy has been instrumental in building out the brand's tone of voice and character and has created hooking content that has transformed our readership. She's also a pleasure to work with, which is a huge plus!”
Kitty Draper
Senior Marketing Manager, LEAP

The brief

Build the brand’s authority as a global hub for tech industry networking and knowledge-sharing. Make LEAP’s content hub the place to go for anyone who wants to know what industry thought leaders are focused on.

The work

Weekly blog posts and newsletters inspired by content from LEAP speakers, and from first-hand interviews. I’ve interviewed everyone from activists and inventors to high-profile investors, and even astronauts. Those interviews have allowed us to make the content exciting and relevant – woven with the golden threads of ideas from tech industry pioneers.


Kitty Draper said:

“Our newsletter open rate sits around 50% which is extremely high! We’ve grown our LinkedIn newsletter followers by +445% across the campaign. LinkedIn readership has grown +2950% across the [2022-23] campaign.”

In the future
We’re making plans to develop a bigger (currently top secret) content piece, building the blog and newsletter out into something with a bigger purpose. And we’ll keep upping that open-rate.